Bar & Music

Bar & Music
Our bar is open 24 hours though you may have to wake the barman if its very late. We serve ice cold beers, spirits and fresh fruit juices. Guests ask why we add sugar to our pineapple juice. We don’t, its just the natural sweetness of our Cape Coast pineapples.


In the daytime relax in a hammock with a mouth watering mango shake then in the evening try a pre-dinner cocktail, Margarita, Banana Daquiri or Rum Punch.


Beers priced from GHc5.00-10.00

Fruit Juices from GHc5.00-6.00

Spirits from GHc1.00-10.00

Cocktails from GHc10.00-25.00

Music Nights

If you have something to celebrate this is the perfect setting for your party. From Monday to Friday Big Milly’s is incredibly laid back and peaceful but on Friday and Saturday nights the garden comes alive. Every Friday we have a Bonfire and Barbecue on the beach with a live Cultural group of excellent drummers and dancers. The atmosphere is brilliant. On Saturday nights we dance beneath the coconut trees to a reggae or a highlife band. Everyone has fun. If you are eating with us there is no charge for the entertainment. Those not eating pay GHc5.00